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Girl of the Southern SeaKadarusman, MichelleeBookE-BOOK
House of HollowSutherland, KrystaleBookE-BOOK
Pride and PremeditationPrice, TirzaheBookE-BOOK
The CollectiveWhitlock, LindseyeBookE-BOOK
GirlhoodTeens Around the World in Their Own VoicesAhuja, MasumaeBookE-BOOK
Bone Crier's DawnPurdie, KathrynDownloadable AudiobookE-AUDIO
Blessed MonstersSomething Dark and Holy Series, Book 3Duncan, Emily A.eBookE-BOOK
Lost in the Never WoodsThomas, AidenDownloadable AudiobookE-AUDIO
Shaping the WorldBrownlee, LizeBookE-BOOK
Pride and PremeditationPrice, TirzahDownloadable AudiobookE-AUDIO
OcultaMotayne, MayaeBookE-BOOK
I Hope You're ListeningRyan, TomDownloadable AudiobookE-AUDIO
Go the DistanceWhat If Meg Had to Become A Greek God?Calonita, JeneBookE-BOOK
The Cost of KnowingMorris, BrittneyeBookE-BOOK
The Poppy and the RoseCowles, AshleeDownloadable AudiobookE-AUDIO
What I Like About MeGuillaume, JennaDownloadable AudiobookE-AUDIO
City of the Uncommon ThiefBertrand, LynneeBookE-BOOK
The Cost of KnowingMorris, BrittneyDownloadable AudiobookE-AUDIO
House of HollowSutherland, KrystalDownloadable AudiobookE-AUDIO
HollowParrish, RhondaeBookE-BOOK
Archie 1000 Page Comics-paloozaSuperstars, ArchieeBookE-BOOK
You Don't Have to Be EverythingPoems for Girls Becoming ThemselveseBookE-BOOK
Down Comes the NightSaft, AllisoneBookE-BOOK
The Wide StarlightLesperance, NicoleeBookE-BOOK
Love in EnglishAndreu, Maria E.eBookE-BOOK
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