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Jan 29, 2017Nymeria23 rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
If you love Snow White, fairytale retellings, or simply enjoy books on magic, dragons, betrayal, loss and love, this may be a good book for you (but that's just my opinion). Having been on the run since they were little, the presumed dead siblings and true heirs to the Ravenspire throne carefully maneuver their way across their lands in secrecy, raiding the false queens' food supply to give back to their starving people as Lorelai, a mardushka (descendant from the magic-wielders of Morcant like the Queen) trains to strengthen her magic and plans a perfect plan to take down Irina. In a neighboring kingdom, Prince Kolvanismir prepares himself to face his father's disappointment when he learns of Kol's third expulsion from the Academy; but he prepares in vain. While taking his wife and eldest son of a tour of the ogre war-front, the King, Queen and Prince are killed, leaving Kol the new reigning Eldr King. But how can he save his people from a force so impenetrable? He'll do anything he needs to save his kingdom, even if it means making deals with the magical Queen of Ravenspire. But nothing goes quite according to plan for the two protagonists, and soon they'll find themselves wondering if they can survive the pain of the past and the torture of what's to come. My only complaint with this book is also something I rather enjoyed about it; it was very fast-paced. I loved how it didn't lose my interest by skipping some unnecessary part of the book and jumping right into the action (the reader didn't have to read what four days of travel through the woods was like, instead they are given a sort of Sparknotes version at the beginning of the next chapter). However,, I did feel like I wanted to connect to the characters just a little bit more. I realize this is pretty much a standalone novel and that makes intense character development hard to accomplish while getting through an entire storyline, but I just craved the close interactions and deep understanding of the people I was reading about. I got to give the author props though, she did a fairly good job with this, and that made me love the scenes with Kol and Lorelai even more because this character development and empathy link between reader and protagonist seemed very strong in these moments. Lorelai was an amazingly strong heroine, both with and without her magic which was truly inspiring, and I love how the damsel of the story is constantly saving the 'knight' instead. Kol was great as well, and I just wish that either the book had been longer or that there was another one to come because the deep potential of these two protagonists was so huge that I can't tell if it was fully portrayed or not. Great story, very enjoyable