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Dec 12, 2010
Heather Mallick: "It's a Canadian novel, no, make that an un-Canadian novel, about an acidic-smart teenage girl called Lemon who has an impossible life. It's a modern Who Has Seen the Wind? Here's Lemon on Anna Karenina: “Talk about a woman pining for some guy. I like the atmosphere, though, all those samovars, sleighs and furs. Reading dead Russians always makes you glad you've got central heating. Anyway, it's pretty obvious judging from what old Vronsky does to Kitty that the putz has zip moral fibre.” She thinks in this river of jumbly, chunky thoughts. I love the prose, I love Lemon, I love Strube. Canadian life isn't Lemony enough. It's pasty. But since Lemon didn't win any literary prizes this year — the judges are crossing the River Styx at this very moment — it's going to sink."