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An Afrofuturist Tale
May 05, 2021
King AjA Oba and Queen Lewa are acknowledged across the African continent for their impressive political and military skills. But their kingdom is in jeopardy - the couple can't have an heir of their own. The King then kidnaps his son born to one of his mistresses, concubine, Obinrin. She curses AjA with the "gift" of immortality. After enjoying long, wonderful lives, both Queen Lewa and the prince both die. Seeing his vulnerability, enemy nations attack and kill the King - or so they think. King AjA survives the fatal attack, finally realizing the work of Obinrin's curse. For decades, AjA wanders the world, mourning his lost loves and lives and searching for a new kingdom. His travels allow him to witness the trans-Atlantic slave trade, where he gets the new name of "John", the New World, both World Wars, and the American Civil Rights Movement. Once global technology brings intergalactic travel, the first contact with alien species happens, and then of course, intergalactic war. Thrust into it all, AjA (John) faces a decision on what will determine mankind's future. OMG! I loved this graphic novel! Each page is it's own panel so you end up with 260 AMAZINGLY stunning full-color images! When I read through it I was so amazed. This is a unique experience addressing the issues of racism, classism, gender inequality, the advancement of technology. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys graphic novels and would like a unique experience.