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Aug 28, 2020fionag rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I enjoyed this book; which isn't really short stories as billed but more like a novel with time skips. This review describes the book well, except for a couple points where I wonder if the reviewer got it mixed up with another book. (There is no mention of 9/11, and more subjectively, rather than being "fragile and uncertain" I thought Everett was the most grounded character of the four -see what you think!). I would add that it will be relatable for anyone who has lived, or is living, that 20s to 30s life period of young adulting when partying hard evolves into responsibilities and purpose. Then there is the added twist that the four central characters are Native - well, more than a twist this is the centre of their story - and so there is that everpresent sense of being part of a subculture, one in which many have suffered terribly, and outsiders never quite get you. Written by someone who has lived this herself -growing up on a reserve and then "making it" in the city and the larger society, it gives a perspective that unfolds naturally as part of the story, in unfolding of their lives and the way they think.