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Apr 13, 2020lgmosher rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Oh my word... This book. It's been a while since I've read a good re-telling of a princess. They're predictable and get boring after a while.... But Redwine knew what she was doing! "snow" was strong and determined and I didn't want to smack her ever 5 minutes. The prince/king was charming and annoying and dorky and absolutely perfect. And... Did I mention he was a dragon!?! "Skies above, he sounded like an idiot." Trust me, all the boys do. But us girls.... We kind of like it." And the evil queen.... Oh the evil queen, She was done so perfectly! She encompasses everything an evil queen should have. Redwine didn't try to "save" her or make her actions less because she was wronged. No.... She did everything simply because of anger and the need and enjoyment of being evil. ...... And it was wonderful!! I was a little concerned when she started a mind control setting in the book. if there is one thing that I ABSOLUTELY HATE (and I mean hate in the harshest, deepest, most passionate way possible) it is mind control. BUT, The magic that Redwine brought into the book was a nice touch and was well used. I loved the fact that they had to call upon the heart, and that dependent upon that it either was harder or easier for them to use their magic. So the fact that the king was able to fight her was a relief. The book was wrapped up very nicely. Yet, there is a second one... So I'm excited to see where the journey goes.