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Mar 25, 2020
Put down your cheesy romance novels and cookie cutter sci -fi dystopians, and get ready to read a book that will change your perspective on the world. That’s right, no more love triangles or predictable plot lines, it’s time for the real deal. Fifteen Lanes is a YA novel that tells the tales of two teenage girls struggling in life for completely different reasons, and how their stories collide. Written by S.J Laidlaw, the book takes place in two starkly different neighbourhoods of Mumbai, India. The book follows Noor, a young teen living in the 15 lanes of the red light district of Mumbai whose mother is a sex worker. Noor is faced with poverty, discrimination, and the pressure to care for her younger siblings while making sure she herself is not forced into the sex trade so many were unable to avoid. That’s all I’m gonna say! The rest is for you to read! A novel that can be compared to this one is Sold by Patricia McCormick. Even though the atmosphere is very contrary they contain the same themes.