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Sep 19, 2019darladoodles rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
I downloaded this book on Edelweiss thinking it was going to be the second book in the Greystones Secrets series. What I found instead was a remarkable standalone novel with a time travel mystery. Marin is eleven and has been recently transplanted from Illionois to Pennsylvania. She climbs a tree in the woods that begin in her backyard and discovers a group of teens who seem to appear and vanish like magic. She soon runs into neighbor boy Charley in the woods and they begin referring to these enigmatic teenagers as the Remarkables. In the midst of the mystery we live life with Marin as she recovers from bullying at her old school, helps care for her baby brother and attends church with her family. In fact, on their first Sunday in their new home Marin's sleep-starved mother declares she needs to attend church rather than get more sleep. Marin and her family also consider having her attend VBS, a regular summer activity for many of the kids I know. Charley's life is markedly different. He and his twin little brothers live with their grandmother while their parents try to shake of drug addiction. Both Marin and Charley believe the Remarkables are in their lives so that a past mistake made by Charley's dad can be made right. Charley is certain he has seen his dad among the Remarkables. If they are able to enter the time stream with these people from the past, how will they fix the problem? What will such a change in the past do to the future? Why don't all the kids they have seen have the same names as the group of friends that are in articles written about that past catastrophe? Meanwhile, Marin struggles with past relationships in Illinois where she felt bullied and friendless. Will she know how to make friends at her new school? This grace-filled and surprising book deftly deals with so many real-life situations while still providing an intriguing mystery and tugging at the heartstrings. A big thank you to Katherine Tegen books and Edelweiss for providing a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.