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Dec 25, 2017PinesandPrejudice rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
What a book. You discover a body from the first chapter and I still couldn't tell you who it was until the last chapter. This unfolded beautifully with twists and turns in both stories and they came together so well. I was intrigued and surprised and incited by both stories and by both main characters. They represented their time periods well. It was an excellent dual perspective and I was grateful to learn about an event in US history that I knew nothing about. Latham really dove into Oklahoma, Tulsa specifically with the mentioning of specific neighborhoods and streets. I appreciated how local it felt while still dealing with national issues and a historic event. My only reason is that it wasn't five stars is that it was slow at points. When it got going, it really got going and didn't stop. But there were some moments were I was just egging to keep diving, keep learning, and keep progressing. Which I guess doesn't necessarily mean I should deduct a star but I just felt like it dragged in some places. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was unique and a good mystery with great characters and a satisfying ending. Well done.