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Vilka created a list Jun 18 2018
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National Aboriginal Day teen reading list
"Novels, non-fiction, and graphic novels featuring aboriginal characters, stories, or settings, to celebrate National Aboriginal Day (June 21). Note: several titles are also available in eBook, audiobook, and other formats."
Vilka rated a title Jun 18 2018
Vilka made a comment Jun 04 2018
"An excellent, witty, and extremely relevant comedy. When a long-sunken island resurfaces in the sea between two countries, the longtime neighbors immediately start bickering over it. Soon xenophobia and nationalism stir up rumblings of imminent wa..." Permalink
Vilka rated a title Jun 04 2018
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Vilka made a comment May 29 2018
"A good retelling of Beauty and the Beast that doesn't feel like just a rewording of the same old stuff--the author did her own thing with the basic story, less eye-fluttering-romancey and more stabby. The story (and the curse) didn't revolve aroun..." Permalink
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