Anarchist (OPL Human Library 2014)

Occupy Spirituality
Occupy Spirituality A Radical Vision for A New Generation By Bucko, Adam Book - 2013 248 BUCKO Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 3 copies
Quiet No More
Quiet No More New Political Activism in Canada and Around the Globe By Harden, Joel D. Book - 2013 322.40971 HARDE Available in some locations
The Activists' Handbook
The Activists' Handbook A Step-by-step Guide to Participatory Democracy By Ricketts, Aidan Book - 2012 323.042 RICKE Available in some locations
Anarchy Alive!
Anarchy Alive! Anti-authoritarian Politics From Practice to Theory By Gordon, Uri Book - 2008 320.57 G665 Available in some locations
Anarchist Voices
Anarchist Voices An Oral History of Anarchism in America By Avrich, Paul Book - 2005 335.830973 A963 Available in some locations
Only A Beginning
Only A Beginning An Anarchist Anthology Book - 2004 320.57097 O58 Available in some locations
Anarchism A Very Short Introduction By Ward, Colin Book - 2004 335.83 W257 Available in some locations
Notes From Canada's Young Activists
Notes From Canada's Young Activists A Generation Stands up for Change Book - 2007 361.20971 N911 Available in some locations

Annotation:Young citizens describe the moments they were inspired to pursue their passions to improve their world.

The Occupy Handbook
The Occupy Handbook Book - 2012 339.20973 OCCUP Available in some locations

Annotation:The history of the Occupy Movement, its roots, and its impact around the globe.

The Dispossessed
The Dispossessed A Novel By Le Guin, Ursula K. Book - 2003 LEGUI All copies in use. Availability details Holds: 11 on 2 copies

Annotation:(Fiction) Centuries ago, the moon Anarres was settled by utopian anarchists who left the Earthlike planet Urras in search of a better world, a new beginning. Now a brilliant physicist, Shevek, determines to reunite the two civilizations that have been separated by hatred since long before he was born. . .a penetrating examination of society and humanity

V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta By Moore, Alan Book - 2005 MOORE All copies in use. Availability details Holds: 2 on 9 copies

Annotation:(Graphic novel) In an alternate future in which Germany wins WWII and Britain becomes a fascist state, a vigilante named "V" stalks the streets of London trying to free England of its ideological chains

Non, je n'accepte pas
Non, je n'accepte pas autobiographie By Mongeau, Serge Book - 2005- French 303.484092 MONGE Available in some locations

Annotation:Mongeau est un militant bien connu des milieux pacificistes et écologistes. Dans le premier tome de son autobiographie, il raconte sa jeunesse puis ses divers engagements, qui ont toujours tenu une place de première importance dans ses occupations :

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