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Facing the Hunter
Facing the Hunter Reflections on A Misunderstood Pursuit By Richards, David Adams Book - 2011 799.2971 RICHA Available in some locations

Annotation:David Adams Richards takes us behind his gun and into the Canadian forest for his most powerful work of non-fiction yet. Facing the Hunter explores the meaning of a sport and the way in which it touches lives, not least that of the author. Also in e-book format.

Girl Hunter
Girl Hunter Revolutionizing the Way We Eat, One Hunt at A Time By Pellegrini, Georgia Book - 2011 799.2082092 PELLE Available in some locations

Annotation:A classically trained chef relates the experiences that made her resolve to take up hunting, describing her research with experienced hunters and her subsequent efforts to create recipes using foods she can supply for herself

Call of the Mild
Call of the Mild Learning to Hunt My Own Dinner By McCaulou, Lily Raff Book - 2012 639.1092 MCCAU Available in some locations

Annotation:A beautifully written and contrarian narrative about what it means to hunt in America today

A Thousand Deer
A Thousand Deer Four Generations of Hunting and the Hill Country By Bass, Rick Book - 2012 799.2765092 BASS Available in some locations
Meat Eater
Meat Eater Adventures From the Life of An American Hunter By Rinella, Steven Book - 2012 799.290092 RINEL Available in some locations

Annotation:The host of the Sportsman Channel's "MeatEater" presents facts about the natural world and history of hunting while also tracing his evolution as a sportsman

1001 Hunting Tips
1001 Hunting Tips The Ultimate Guide-- Deer, Upland Game and Birds, Waterfowl, Big Game By Underwood, Lamar Book - 2010 799.2 UNDER Available in some locations
The African Adventurers
The African Adventurers A Return to the Silent Places By Capstick, Peter Hathaway Book - 1992 799.260960922 CAP Available in some locations

Annotation:Biographies of four white hunters famous for their exploits in Africa early in the 20th century

Rituel d'hommes
Rituel d'hommes la chasse-- une tradition sacrée DVD - 2006 French 799.2971 R615 Available in some locations

Annotation:Chaque automne, un groupe d'amis se réunit, au nord de l'Ontario, pour chasser le chevreuil. Cette année-là le réalisateur Fadel Saleh se joint à eux. Il observe et interroge ces hommes pour qui la chasse est une passion où la fraternité masculine, le partage d'une tradition et l'évasion du quotidien

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