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The Addicted Brain
The Addicted Brain Why We Abuse Drugs, Alcohol, and Nicotine By Kuhar, Michael J. Book - 2012 616.860651 KUHAR Available in some locations

Annotation:A scientific explanation of addiction by a leading neuroscientist looks at how and why people become addicts and discusses advances in prevention and treatment.

The Fix
The Fix How Addiction Is Invading Our Lives and Taking Over your World By Thompson, Damian Book - 2012 362.29 THOMP Available in some locations

Annotation:Drugs, food, alcohol, food, sex and technology are all addictions that pervade our lives and that are moving beyond our control as they multiply. Damian Thompson, who has himself struggled with a range of addictions, argues that human desire is, in the process, being reshaped

Memoirs of An Addicted Brain
Memoirs of An Addicted Brain A Neuroscientist Examines His Former Life on Drugs By Lewis, Marc D. Book - 2011 362.29092 LEWIS Available in some locations

Annotation:We are prone to a cycle of craving what we don't have, finding it, using it up or losing it, and then craving it all the more. This cycle is at the root of all addictions, addictions to drugs, sex, love, cigarettes, soap operas, wealth, and wisdom itself

Lucy in the Sky
Lucy in the Sky By Anonymous Book - 2012 ANONY Available in some locations

Annotation:A diary by an unnamed drug addict from an upper middle-class neighborhood in Santa Monica documents the ruination of her life

My Book of Life by Angel
My Book of Life by Angel By Leavitt, Martine Book - 2012 LEAVI Available in some locations

Annotation:Angel remains trapped in her street life. Then Call brings home another girl. Her name is Melli, and she is just eleven years old, and suddenly Angel realizes what she must do. Save Melli at any cost, and perhaps save herself...

Staying Alive
Staying Alive Canada's Controversial Safe Injection Site DVD - 2009 : 362.2937097112 S798 All copies in use. Availability details Holds: 1 on 1 copy

Annotation:Insite, located in Vancouver's notorious downtown eastside, has been controversial since it first opened its doors in 2003. Now, for the first time, cameras have been allowed to record the daily dramas at Insite

Un pari tout aussi risqué
Un pari tout aussi risqué DVD - 2007 French 305.235 S857fa Available in some locations

Annotation:Un documentaire qui suit quatre jeunes à risque tout au long d'un atelier de réalisation vidéo. Beat, 24 ans, et David, 19 ans, deux amis partagés entre la promesse d'argent facile du milieu de la drogue

Le dernier chapitre
Le dernier chapitre DVD - 2003 French DERNI Available in some locations

Annotation:Le dernier chapitre suit le parcours de Bob Durelle, motard criminel, qui impitoyablement, étend son empire de trafic de drogues en établissant le nouveau chapitre d'une organisation de motards en Ontario

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