Urban Inuk (OPL Human Library 2014)

Arctic Twilight
Arctic Twilight Leonard Budgell and Canada's Changing North By Budgell, Leonard Book - 2009 971.903092 B927b Available in some locations
They Called Me Number One
They Called Me Number One Secrets and Survival at An Indian Residential School By Sellars, Bev Book - 2013 371.82997943 SELLA Available in some locations Holds: 2 on 7 copies
The Long Exile
The Long Exile A True Story of Deception and Survival Among the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic By McGrath, Melanie Book - 2006 971.90049712 M147 Available in some locations
In Their Own Voices
In Their Own Voices Building Urban Aboriginal Communities By Silver, Jim Book - 2006 305.8970712743 S587 All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:An examination of the Canadian, urban-aboriginal experience based on the voices of native peoples, this study focuses on innovative community-based solutions being created and run by and for urban aboriginal people. Set primarily in Winnipeg's inner city, this sourcebook examines such topics as aboriginal involvement in community development, adult education, and the mainstream political process.

Having Faith in the Polar Girls' Prison
Having Faith in the Polar Girls' Prison By With, Cathleen eBook - 2010 Check availability»

Annotation:Against the stark and haunting landscape of Canada's Far North, Trista chronicles the events of her life from her room in the Polar Girls' Prison in Jackfish Bay, Northwest Territories. Also in print format.

On Thin Ice
On Thin Ice By Bastedo, Jamie Book - 2006 BASTE Available in some locations

Annotation:Ashley Anowiak is in search of a murderous polar bear that may be real or mythical. The only thing for certain is that what she discovers will change her life - and her community's - forever.

Unikkausivut AtuKatigennik Unikkausittinik = Unikkausivut : Sharing Our Stories DVD - 2011 Multiple languages 970.004971 UNIKK Available in some locations

Annotation:In these animated shorts and documentaries produced from the 1940s to today, discover Inuit traditions, perspectives and values. A powerful portrait of the Inuit experience past and present representing all four Canadian Inuit regions (Nunatsiavut, Nunavik, Nunavut and Inuvialuit)

Qallunaaliaqpallianiq, Heading South
Qallunaaliaqpallianiq, Heading South DVD - 2011 971.30049712 QUALL Available in some locations

Annotation:Qallunaaliaqpallianiq - heading south explores the stories of Inuit "migrants" to the south: their dreams, their accomplishments, their preoccupations, ther paths they follow and their interactions with the outside world

The Experimental Eskimos
The Experimental Eskimos DVD - 2009 970.004971 EXPER Available in some locations

Annotation:In the early 1960s the Canadian government conducted an experiment in social engineering. Three 12-year-old Inuit boyswere sent to live with White families in Ottawa, to be educated in White schools. The bureaucrats who brought the boys South did not anticipate the outcome of their experiment. The boys grew up to become leaders of their people, and lifelong thorns in the side of the government. The battles they fought and won were instrumental in the establishment of aboriginal rights in Canada, and led to the creation of Nunavut, the world’s largest self-governing aboriginal territory. But it all came at enormous personal cost.

Nanook of the North
Nanook of the North DVD - 1998 970.00497 N186 Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 3 copies

Annotation:Presents a documentary on the life of an Inuit family pitting their strength against a vast and inhospitable Arctic. Juxtaposes their struggle for survival against the elements with the warmth of the little family as they go about their daily affairs.

The Diary of Abraham Ulrikab
The Diary of Abraham Ulrikab Text and Context By Lutz, Hartmut Book - 2005 305.897120718209034 L975 Available in some locations

Annotation:In August 1880, businessman Adrian Jakobsen convinced eight Inuit men, women, and children from Hebron and Nakvak, Labrador to accompany him to Europe to be "exhibited" in zoos and Völkerschauen (ethnographic shows). Abraham, Maria, Noggasak, Paingo, Sara, Terrianiak, Tobias, and Ulrike agreed, partly for the money and partly out of curiosity to see the wonders of Europe, which they had heard about from Moravian missionaries.

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