Cadillac Records
Cadillac Records DVD - 2009 | Anamorphic widescreen version.

This movie captures a time in American history where racism & bigotry was rampant &shows the lives of several Black people as they try to make it in a world that clearly is not able to allow Black people their place in life.
Through their music, originally captured by a white man trying to record the folk songs of the deep south, Muddy Waters realizes that his lot in life it to sing. Along with several other Black men & a Jewish record producer, money, prestige, fame, is what they get while integration is on the cusp of changing a nation.
This shows the story of blues & the history of Rock 'n Roll & the lives of the singers who made it so.
This is a must see movie for all music buffs, especially the young.
Beware, language & violence are not pretty, but the story is one that has influenced ALL the music of today.
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ this movie, for it's story alone, deserves more stars than the stars that are in it.

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