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I went into this book not having a clue as to what it was actually about...any descriptions I read were vague, and rightly say anything is to say too much.

So a spoiler free summary then:
The students of Hailsham have grown up is a boarding school, but is there something else going on? The terms used by the author are mysterious. The story features Kathy and her relationships/memories associated with Ruth, Tommy and other students who have touched her life.

Once the students leave Hailsham and enter the “real” world, more details are revealed which help to explain their lives and their place in society.

Pros: An inventive and unique plot, with an interesting, almost conversational writing style.

Cons: Due to the lack of description I was very confused at the beginning of this book...I thought maybe the author was just using terms that I wasn’t familiar with. But as the book progresses, everything becomes clear. Unfortunately I didn’t connect with any of the characters...but maybe that’s the way it was supposed to be??

Thought provoking subject matter!

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