For what would turn out to be his most highly publicized album (and CD) in his
rich spectacular music career, David Bowie again set the music world ablaze with
this highly praised album in 1983 after signing his record contract with EMI where
he summed up his maverick tendencies and world class showmanship right after
the international success of Scary Monsters. Highlighted by it’s stylish production
and featuring Chic bassist Nile Rodgers as co-producer, Let’s Dance became yet
another blockbuster hit as Bowie create a fascinating synthesizer and saxophone
driven post-disco sound which was equally informed by a superb set of elements
consisting rock and roll, classic soul and the New Romantic Era, which was even
heavily co-inspired by Bowie himself. Beginning on the fast forward-driven audio
attack of the skittering chart-topping opening track Modern Life, the track set pro-
cede with absolute force on other upbeat songs such as the menacing China Girl
(another huge hit for him), Ricochet, Cat People (Putting Out Fires), Shake It and
the funk-driven title track. What even contributed to it’s success is how it features
an appearance by blues-rock guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan whom he provide the
electric guitar back-up. Let’s Dance will remain as timeless and truly fascinating as ever.

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