These were some of the most profound stories I have ever read, losing nothing from their shortness. "Kaleidoscope" was the first story in a very long time to make me cry as hard as I did. "Rocket Man" and "The Last Night of the World" were also cry-worthy.

"The Veldt", "The City", "Zero Hour", "The Long Rain", and "Marionettes, Inc." were the most haunting and creepy of the stories, all having a certain tone to them that made you know something horrible was going to happen, ramping up the tension before the finale.

One of the best parts of this book is that, contrary to most sci-fi authors, Bradbury focuses on the simple human element of everything. He knows that, if we knew it was the last night of the world, all we would want to do would be to spend it with family, and that a father-children trip in a rocket is no less meaningful because the rocket isn't real. It is the human element that makes these stories so wonderful.

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