The Tattooist of Auschwitz
The Tattooist of Auschwitz A Novel By Morris, Heather Book - 2018 | First U.S. edition.

Do yourself a favor, stop reading your current book. Start reading THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ by HEATHER MORRIS. This book should be required reading in all literature and history classes at the high school level and above. This is a love story set in, of all places, a Nazi concentration camp during WWII. Once started, you will not be able to put it down. It brought tears to my eyes many times. At other points, I wanted to cheer out loud.

Ludwig (Lale) Eisenberg was born in Krompachy, Slovakia in 1916. He was transported to Auschwitz Concentration Camp in April 1942. Gisela (Gita) Fuhrmannova was born in Vranov nad Topl’ou, Slovakia in 1925. Gita arrived in Auschwitz ten days before Lale.

After gaining their freedom, they were married in late 1945 at which point Lale took on the last name of his married sister, Sokolov. Gita died in Australia in October 2003. Lale died in Australia in October 2006.

Shortly after his arrival at Auschwitz, Lale was made assistant “Tattooist” eventually becoming a lead tattooist. His function was to put the tattoo numbers on the arms of new prisoners. He tried to do that as humanely as possible. As “Tattooist”, he was allowed to have a private room and slightly better and more food. He also had the ability to travel within the camp grounds. That is how he met and fell in love with Gita.

Lale was a hero. Through his “privileged” status, he was able to steal food for his friends, especially Gita. He was able to get medicine for Gita when she contracted typhus. He saved the lives of a few of his fellow prisoners. At one point, Lale is beaten by a guard whom he had helped. The guard did not beat Lale as severely as he could have.

The book is what today is classified as Creative Non-fiction, factual but with created dialogue. The presentation is flawless. It shows that happiness is possible under the worst possible conditions. Lale always promised Gita that they would survive and get married. Mazel Tov!


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