The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby By Fitzgerald, F. Scott, 1896-1940 Book - 2018 | Scribner trade paperback edition.

The Great Gatsby is a fictional novel with Jay Gatsby as the protagonist. Gatsby moved from the West to the East to fulfil his American Dream. The narrator is Nick Carraway who becomes a good friend of Gatsby and tries to help him find Daisy Buchanan. The two fell in love when Gatsby was poor and 5 years later Gatsby is still in love with Daisy who is now married to a rich who is very rich. Gatsby is in pursuit of love and happiness to be able to live with Daisy.
The novel is set in the roaring 20’s and is a perfect representation of the American Dream and the pursuit of it. The book is filled with symbolisms and the entire story is a metaphor. There is symbolism in a lot of details of the novel whether it may be a character or simply the color of an object. The fact that there are so many figurative languages used in a seamless manner makes The Great Gatsby a beautiful read.

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