Her Pretty Face
Her Pretty Face By Harding, Robyn Book - 2018 | First Scout Press hardcover edition July 2018.

A disturbing psychological thriller featuring two 15 year old girls, and two mothers with tragedy in their pasts.

Frances Metcalfe is an over-protective mother hiding a dark secret. Kate Randolph is a disinterested mother hiding a dark past. Forming a friendship because of the needs of their sons seems beneficial for the women too until Frances befriends Kate's teenage daughter, Daisy.

Bouncing between then (15 years earlier) and now, and between Then Courtney and Now Daisy as well as the lead women and their families was at times a bit unsettling.

Not a happy ever after ending nor were all of the questions answered leaving an open-ended tale.

I give this a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

I volunteered to read an ARC from Scout Press/Simon & Schuster through Net Galley.

McAnnieG's rating:
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