The Last Black Unicorn
The Last Black Unicorn By Haddish, Tiffany, 1979- Downloadable Audiobook - 2017 | Unabridged.

Let us all be grateful that Tiffany recommitted to her path of being a Comedian because she is at present unrivaled in the business. She knocked this out of the park! Palpable, unflinching and ribald in every sense of the word, from the very conversational style of Writing to the visceral and intense emotions laid bare on the page. I felt like we were two Women getting to know each other and sharing our Life's Journey so far. I had the pleasure of reading and listening to this and on my walks, I would be laughing so hard at times, I would have to stop and brace against a tree until the belly ache stopped! No doubt causing fellow walkers to wonder about my health and sanity. If you value Self Empowerment stories and most crucially LOVE to laugh, then this is the book for you!

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