Real Friends

Real Friends

Book - 2017 | First edition.
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Jul 01, 2020

I love this book. I can NEVER get sick of it. I have lost track of how many times I have read it. I like how this book shows the perspective of one person and how each person has their own section of how they came to know the person talking. Plus, it's a comic book so you get to see it in pictures! 5 out of 5 for this book. (if i could go farther i would) Definitely a MUST READ and is so good.

May 28, 2020


May 28, 2020

I love this book! This is one of my favorite books to read when I relax. I love how Shannon describes her own life in a graphic novel. She gives out good details and she also shows her thoughts. A great book for kids and adults. I know how she feels and what she is mostly thinking because the words are clear and the illustration is very detailed. I would highly recommend to anyone, any age.

JessicaGma May 25, 2020

An excellent graphic novel memoir about the horrors of middle school, and trying to fit in. I really felt this one, as I too had trouble conforming to the changes of middle school grades and whatever was expected by people who were your friends one day and then not the's a great one for kids and parents to share

Mar 20, 2020

My 9 year old recommended it to me. He enjoyed it a lot and I, his 50 year old mother did, too.
I don't think he related to it much--happily his school isn't really this vibe but boy as a child of the '70s I related to it heavily. So good for kids and a nostalgic (and maybe a bit cringe-y) look back for adults. If you've read "The Princess in Black", also by this writer/illustrator team. you'll see some of the roots of that series.

Mar 09, 2020

I borrowed this book for my daughter who is experiencing some challenges with making friends and fitting in but I end up really enjoying this book. I can definitely relate to some portions of this book through my elementary years. The loneliness and the constant feel of not being wanted. My daughter has similar experiences. Hopefully young people reading this would fell that they are not alone and that things will get better.

Jan 10, 2020

So good! I adored it and best friends is great too. I highly recommend this book!!!

Nov 27, 2019


A very good story, aimed at the grade school audience. I appreciate the attempt and I did enjoy what I read, but I do wish it has a bit more to the ending. This memoir would be compelling as a series, following Shannon through the years.

Sep 25, 2019

This book was a great graphic novel for 3-5th graders! It's a very important story about healthy friendships and growing up. Definitely recommend.

Aug 04, 2019

I loved this book! It combines humour, imagination and reality all in one.

Jul 21, 2019

I really enjoyed this book.
Shannon lost all her friends because a rumor-spreading kid.
But, fortunately, she got back with her friends at the end
I hope to hear more from Shannon Hale.

Jul 21, 2019

I really loved this book. The main character, Shannon had a lot of issues with her friends. I liked it because it had an amazing ending. Like when Shannon has her own group with her friends. Overall, I enjoyed this book.

Jul 19, 2019

This book is one of my favorite books. It is a memoir of Shannon Hale's life in elementary school. It shows how bad people can feel when they get bullied. Shannon struggles to find friends because her "friends" hang out in the "group", a group of girls that everyone wants to be part of. The Group doesn't teach Shannon very nicely, especially one girl who bullies her continuously. It gets so bad that she even imagines what it would be like if she passed away. But this book also shows that you can always find a happy ending. Shannon makes new friends and makes a new "group" with some real friends. There will always be at least one person who you can make friends and have a good time with.

Jul 03, 2019

Really like how Jen ends up asking Shannon if she can be in her group but Shannon didn`t even know she had a group

Jun 08, 2019

Sad, but cool too! One of my faves!

Jun 03, 2019

This is a good book because it reminds us that real friends mean that they don't just want to be friends with you because your hanging out someone cool but that they like you because of who you are.

Apr 12, 2019

Since discovering Princess In Black a few years ago, I have been a big fan of the Hale/Pahm team. This graphic novel memoir encapsulated those middle grade years so well. The artwork was phenomenal and really complements the narrative. I especially loved the scenes when Shannon and her friend(s) were pretending to be superheroes or spies --at one point they struck the Charlies Angels' pose. All is not hunky dory for Shannon and she struggles with OCD and anxiety. There are sibling conflicts at home and bullies at school. An ongoing theme throughout is the realistic goal of making at least one friend. As Shannon keeps that in mind, she is encouraged to hang in there while seeking help from God through prayer.

Apr 09, 2019

Good for younger graphic novel readers, but definitely lacking content-wise for older readers.

Mar 11, 2019

Love this book and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like graphic novels. I would give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Oct 03, 2018


Sep 25, 2018

Great writing & illustrations! This book is based on author Shannon Hale's childhood. I enjoyed the 1980's pop culture references and was interested in the Salt Lake City Mormon-influenced setting.
The book shows the trials and tribulations of trying to make lasting friendships, but it ends on a positive, encouraging note. We see that life is not always perfect and that we sometimes make mistakes with our friendships, but the important thing is to learn and grow and move forward. There are some fun extras in the back of the book, including a note from Hale and some of her old school photos.

Jul 29, 2018

Shannon's colorful graphic memoir covers the everyday drama of primary school. This bright and cheerful book describes the mind-numbingly complex relationships between groups of elementary school girls. In this story, Shannon is often the lonely unpopular girl hovering along the periphery of the popular "mean girls" group.

JCLHeatherM Jul 08, 2018

Friendship can be rough, and Shannon Hale shows off the highs and lows of schoolyard friendships through this graphic memoir. Whether young Shannon is cooking up her own stories, or acting out her favorite scenes, by being true to herself, Shannon finds a group that likes her just the way she is. After all, "No one's destiny is to be alone," as Hale aptly puts at the end of her graphic memoir.

Jul 06, 2018

I really enjoy this book because it was really relaxing. It made me feel about fiends in my life.

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