Living HIV-Positive (OPL Human Library 2013)

Aging With HIV
Aging With HIV A Gay Man's Guide By Masten, James (Book - 2011 ) 362.1969792 MASTE Available in some locations

Annotation:A one-of-a-kind guide for gay men aging with HIV, Aging with HIV offers an upbeat, down-to-earth approach for adapting to change, whether driven by age, AIDS, or both.

A Woman's Guide to Living With HIV Infection
A Woman's Guide to Living With HIV Infection By Clark, Rebecca A. (Book - 2004 ) 362.19697920082 C594 Available in some locations

Annotation:While addressing the entire range of health and emotional issues faced by people with HIV, the authors cover topics of special interest to women -- gynecologic disorders, reproductive choices, contraception, and pregnancy

The Heaven Shop
The Heaven Shop By Ellis, Deborah (Book - 2004? ) ELLIS Available in some locations

Annotation:Binti and her siblings are orphaned when their father dies of AIDS. Split up and sent to relatives all over Malawi, they suffer increasing hardship until they are reunited through the influence of their grandmother. (Also available as a downloadable audiobook)

Doctors With Heart
Doctors With Heart (DVD - 2006 ) 616.9792 DOCTO All copies in use. Availability details

Annotation:Follows the doctors of an AIDS clinic in Montréal as they work, confer,and discuss their problems and dilemmas treating AIDS patients.

Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis The Man Who Couldn't Sleep (DVD - 2007 ) 616.9792 S828 Available in some locations

Annotation:The story of Stephen Lewis’s five and a half years as the UN Special Envoy for HIV/Aids in Africa travelling the world and trying to get the world to listen and do something about the pandemic.

3 Needles
3 Needles (DVD - 2006 ) THREE Available in some locations

Annotation:Parallel stories set in China, South Africa and Canada look at HIV testing and transmission from a variety of social and moral points of view

Father Michael's Lottery
Father Michael's Lottery A Novel of Africa By Steyn, Johan (Book - 2007 ) STEYN Available in some locations

Annotation:A beleaguered doctor and his staff struggle to maintain a hospital in a remote, rural community on the front lines of the African AIDS epidemic in this inspirational and life-affirming novel

Sizwe's Test
Sizwe's Test A Young Man's Journey Through Africa's AIDS Epidemic By Steinberg, Jonny (Book - 2008 ) 362.196979200968 S819 Available in some locations

Annotation:A journalist follows one high-risk South African as a way to understand why AIDS continues to spread despite available treatments.

Angels in the Dust
Angels in the Dust (DVD - 2008 ) 362.73268 A584 Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 2 copies

Annotation:Presents the story of Marion Cloete, who left a life of privilege in Johannesburg, South Africa, to open an orphanage that has provided for more than 550 children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Quicksand HIV/AIDS in Our Lives (Book - 2009 ) 616.9792 Q6 Available in some locations

Annotation:Weaving together her own story with straightforward questions and answers, the author explains the real ways that HIV/AIDS can be transmitted and explores the common experiences and emotions that might be encountered by friends and family members of someone who has the virus

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