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March Forth
March Forth The Inspiring True Story of A Canadian Soldier's Journey of Love, Hope and Survival By Greene, Trevor Book - 2012 617.481044092 GREEN-G Available in some locations

Annotation:A remarkable story of the recuperation of Canadian reservist Trevor Greene, nearly killed by a Taliban attack; and the love and determination shown by his fiancée Debbie in aiding his recovery

The Dogs Are Eating Them Now
The Dogs Are Eating Them Now Our War in Afghanistan By Smith, Graeme Book - 2013 958.1047 SMITH Available in some locations Holds: 13 on 37 copies

Annotation:A highly personal narrative of our war in Afghanistan and how it went dangerously wrong. Also in e-book format.

The Taliban Don't Wave
The Taliban Don't Wave By Semrau, Rob Book - 2012 958.1047092 SEMRA Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 20 copies

Annotation:Captain Robert Semrau, the Canadian soldier who was arrested for allegedly killing a mortally wounded Taliban soldier, gives a first-hand account of war in Afghanistan. Also in e-book format.

For your Tomorrow
For your Tomorrow The Way of An Unlikely Soldier By Murray, Melanie Mae Book - 2011 958.1047092 FRANC Available in some locations

Annotation:What compels a young, affluent Canadian to put on a uniform and risk his life for the controversial mission in Afghanistan? And how does his family cope with his loss when he is killed there?

The Patrol
The Patrol Seven Days in the Life of A Canadian Soldier in Afghanistan By Flavelle, Ryan Book - 2011 958.1047092 FLAVE Available in some locations

Annotation: In 2008, Ryan Flavelle, a reservist in the Canadian Army and a student at the University of Calgary, volunteered to serve in Afghanistan. For one seven-day period, Flavelle went into Taliban country. The Patrol is a gritty, boots-on-the-ground memoir of a soldier's experience in the Canadian Forces in the twenty-first century.

The Long Walk Home
The Long Walk Home Paul Franklin's Journey From Afghanistan : A Soldier's Story By Faulder, Liane Book - 2007 958.1047092 F832f Available in some locations

Annotation:Documents the recovery of Paul Franklin, a soldier injured in a 2006 suicide bombing. Paul lost both of his legs above the knee as the result of his injuries, but returned home determined to walk again. Within four months of his injury, and against the odds and predictions of doctors, Franklin learned to walk on artificial legs.

The Hundred Hearts
The Hundred Hearts By Kowalski, William Book - 2013 KOWAL Available in some locations

Annotation:(Fiction) On April 7, 2005, an IED blast in Afghanistan alters the course of Jeremy Merkin's life forever. He returns home to find that nothing has changed, and yet everything is different. A Globe and Mail "Best Summer Reading 2013" pick.

Fire and Forget
Fire and Forget Short Stories From the Long War Book - 2013 FIRE Available in some locations

Annotation:This collection of short stories written by soldiers and a military spouse affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan tells the kind of truth that only fiction can offer

The Soft Vengeance of A Freedom Fighter
The Soft Vengeance of A Freedom Fighter By Sachs, Albie Book - 2000 921 S1193 Available in some locations

Annotation:In 1988, Albie Sachs, an activist South African lawyer, was car-bombed by agents of South Africa's security forces. His right arm was blown off and he lost the sight of one eye. An intimate and moving account of his recovery.

The Mullah's Storm
The Mullah's Storm By Young, Thomas W. Book - 2010 YOUNG Available in some locations

Annotation:(Fiction) When their plane is shot down in a blizzard while transporting an important Taliban detainee, navigator Michael Parson and Army interpreter Sergeant Gold fight for survival in the harsh terrain of Afghanistan, where they struggle to outmaneuver terrorists and dubiously trustworthy villagers. First in a series. Also an audiobook CD.

War Torn
War Torn By McNab, Andy Book - 2010 MCNAB Available in some locations

Annotation:(Fiction) Two tours of Iraq under his belt, Sergeant Dave Henley has seen something of how modern battles are fought. But nothing can prepare him for the posting to Forward Operating Base Senzhiri, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. This is a warzone like even he's never seen before.

Inside the Afghanistan War
Inside the Afghanistan War DVD - 2013 958.1047 INSID Available in some locations Holds: 1 on 6 copies

Annotation: A comprehensive view of a complex war. Raw footage of combat, rare photos and intimate firsthand accounts capture all angles of the war from the soldiers' viewpoint .

Le 22e Régiment En Afghanistan
Le 22e Régiment En Afghanistan DVD - 2012 Bilingual 958.1047 VINGT Available in some locations

Annotation:Ce documentaire donne directement la parole aux militaires du Royal 22e Régiment – tous francophones.

Broken Heroes
Broken Heroes DVD - 2009 958.1047 BROKE Available in some locations

Annotation:A Fifth Estate documentary featuring three Canadian soldiers who served in Afghanistan. Jeff, Matt and Dave speak candidly about the flashbacks hurtling them back to the war zone, grief for dead comrades, their ongoing battles with addiction, even suicide attemps

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